Mike Mixes radio. Mike Mixes podcasts. Mike Mixes to picture.

Some of these mixes have won awards. Prix Europa, Third Coast, ARIA, Hearsay, BBC Radio and Music, British Podcast, Whickers, BPG and more.

He is lucky to be the favourite mixer of some of the world’s finest audio storytellers.


Working with audio can seem mysterious and trixy, there are so many things we can do.

But where to start?

Mike can put you at ease at the beginning of your journey or inspire you to take your work to the next level.

Training is predominantly in Reaper, but is completely transferrable to your favourite system.

He even runs Reaper conversion courses for users of Sadie, Adobe Audition + Pro Tools.

Contact Mike

That’s an audio joke. Not a very good one.

Mike is better with audio than websites and writing (and jokes). So rather than struggling to make some fancy site full of pictures, credits, awards and stuff, he put a contact box on instead.

Less Admin, More Mixing.

Contact Mike and let’s make some noise.